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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why Not Just Tattoo A Big L On Your Forehead

Recently while I was waiting in my car for a family member a white SUV parked down the row from me. Normally that's not what I would consider a noticeable event, since I not a global warming wing nut who thinks, "I'm special, I drive a Prius" types, in fact I was sitting in my big honkin SUV. No what made this intriguing was the incongruous placement of a pair of bumper stickers on the vehicles doors.

The first one proclaimed:

The second one proclaimed-

Now, affixed to a Prius I probably would have chuckled and thought how typically misguided the driver was, but the stickers struck me as way out of place on the SUV. So I paid closer attention as the driver slipped from the car and walked into the store. I can't say I was surprised to see a scrubby looking, long-haired, freak emerge. Now before you get your knickers in a knot about me being old-fashioned or stereotype of some guy with long hair, I would not have been shocked to see some dude with a backwards baseball cap and black T-shirt step out of the truck either.

I find it takes a certain level of youth and / or immaturity that is typical of these clueless types. The kicker was, as it usually is with these clowns, the back of the vehicle was covered with other similar stickers. It's almost as if they feel the need to wave their arms and shout out loud exactly how stupid they really are. My favorite on the back was-
I wonder how this bozo paid for the SUV? Did I miss the Obama Big Government program to dole out SUVs to whack-a-moles?    Aside from that, how did he think his vehicle was manufactured? Here's a news flash, It was built by CAPITALISTS.

While I was tempted to offer the guy fifty bucks and directions to a local tattoo shop so he could get a large L inscribed on his forehead, I decided to move on. While I've never been one of those "America, love it or leave it" types, by the same token, I've never understood why people who think things are better elsewhere, don't take their own advice and move to the allegedly greener grass. Maybe we need to enact the Big Government program to fund their departures. Now that's Big Government I could support!

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