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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Florida Governor Charlie Crist...Specter Lite

While an official announcement is set for tomorrow afternoon, political allies of Florida Governor Charlie Crist say that he will pull and Arlen Specter and bail the Republican party and continue his run for the U. S. Senate as an independent.

Much like Pennsylvania's senior Senator, Crist sees the handwriting on the wall, with polls indicating his chances of securing the Republican nomination are on par with a proverbial snowball's chance in hell. Watch for Crist to claim that he is doing what Florida voters have encouraged in to do and how he wants to do what's best for Florida. Which really equates to "I'm a self-serving, low life, scumbag, more concerned about myself and my aspirations than anything else."

Also watch for the cluless media to point to former Vice President Dick Cheney's recent endorsement of Christ's Republican opponent Marco Rubio as all the push Crist needed to go the indie route. One current poll has Crist winning in a three-way race with Rubio and the Democrat nominee Congresman Kendrick Meek, watch for the clueless media to speculate heavily on that.

Speaking of self-serving, low life, scum bag politicians...the latest polling has Senator Specter trouncing Joe Sestak in the May 18 primary. The storyline about Sestak being offered an Obama administration position if he leaves the primary race is entertaining and not surprising; it's the Chicago way.

Real Clear Politics polling has Specter trailing likely Republican nominee, Pat Toomey by an average of 8.8% in a head to head match up come November.

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