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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Stop Hillary…The Future of Our Country Depends On It

It seems almost impossible to believe that after all of the books that have been written about Hillary Clinton, not to mention Bill Clinton, over the years, that there could possibly be anything left to say or that we don’t already know. Yet as the Presidential campaign winds to it’s inevitable conclusion on election day, Hillary Clinton continues to be the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to the pure volume of scandals, lies, outright and unfettered greed and unlawful behaviors. The result is a raft of new books that make the case why Hillary Clinton needs to be stopped!

Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary – Dick Morris and Eileen McGann - (Humanix Books)

The line goes something like this; Dick Morris is a longtime campaign strategist and former advisor to Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary; then you inevitably will hear something to the effect of, disgraced, prostitution scandal and if you are a flaming liberal there will be some reference to toe-sucking in an effort to disparage or discredit Morris.

But the bottom line remains; Dick Morris was a very successful campaign strategist who worked inside the Clinton operation and knows intimately how both Bill and Hillary operate. The polling, the focus groups, the spin, the lies, the spin, and oh id I mention the spin. With his new book Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary, Morris has carefully crafted a strategy for how the Republican nominee, Donald Trump can defeat her this fall.

In Armageddon Morris breaks things down piece by piece; first he outlines the case for how Hillary has really eliminated and disqualified herself to be President with her serial lying, paranoia, manipulation of the system, greed, flip flopping, her bubble-like existence that makes her out of touch with reality and real people. In part two, Morris lays out a strategy to take her down; her failure to lead on terrorism and it’s growth on her watch, electing her amounting to Obama’s third failed term, the outright destruction of of the U.S. healthcare system under Obamacare. Then throw into the mix trade and the failure to protect our borders and immigration; something that Liberals and the media don’t seem to grasp is a HUGE issue with working class Americans.

I think that this book offers a thoughtful roadmap and I can already see the Trump campaign utilizing bits and pieces of this strategy.

Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel - Chuck Dixon, Brett R. Smith, and Peter Schweizer (Regnery Books)  

Bestselling author and master researcher Peter Schweizer clearly laid the GREED of Hillary and Bill Clinton in his book Clinton Cash, which is now available in paperback. Schweizer utilizes what I can only call a lead a horse to water method of investigation as he connects the dots in a step by step manner showing quite clearly how the Clintons use their position of power and influence to steadily enrich themselves and often the sycophants around them.

While Schweizer takes readers through the examples in an easy to understand fashion, there are still some folks who apparently can’t quite grasp the concepts he lays out…or could it be they choose not to? Well in a ongoing effort to help the ignorant (Liberals!) understand what is going on here; Schweizer has created a movie version of Clinton Cash, and in a true effort to help Liberals he has made the movie available for FREE, streaming online.

If that wasn’t quite simple enough to help Liberal grasp what out and out crooks the Clintons are (the infamous Bonnie and Clyde pale in comparison) now Schweizer and artists Chuck Dixon and Brett R. Smith have created a comic book (okay graphic novel for you highbrow types) in the form of Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel.

All Liberals have to do is read the simple text and look at the pretty pictures and maybe, just maybe, then they will understand what greedy, shameless, scumbags the Clinton crime family really are. Or at least we can hope.

Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic PartyDinesh D”Souza (Regnery Books)

Bestselling author, blockbuster filmmaker, pundit and public intellectual, Dinesh D’Souza has spent his recent history dissecting the Democrat party in the guise of Barack Obama’s Presidency and Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State and Presidential candidate in a series of books and movies.

In his latest outing, Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party delves beyond Obama and Clinton, going deeper in to the party’s history and the role that these to play not only in the continuation of long held party beliefs, but also in the never ending attempts to spin the truth about the party of the KKK, the party of slavery, and the party of socialism.

Clearly for Democrats, the truth can be an extremely painful thing and D’Souza utilizes truth, after truth, after truth to tie the Democrats up into a nice little gift wrapped package. While they claim an inordinate dominance of African American voters every election cycle and paint Republicans as the party of racism, the truth is it is the Democrat party the has created the ongoing plantation mindset that has kept blacks squarely under the thumb of government.

D’Souza smashes the myths of what Democrats claim to stand for and makes the case for a seismic shift towards black voters moving to the Republican party and away from the damage inflicted upon them by the likes of Obama and the Clintons, among many, many others. While D’Souza continues to be a perennial bestseller, I think it’s unfortunate that he is preaching to the choir and his message is being diluted at best and distorted at worst by the liberal, sycophants in the media.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

And the Truth Will Set You Free

The Problem With Socialism – Thomas J. DiLorenzo (Regnery Publishing)

I get the sense that Senator Bernie Sanders, the failed Presidential candidate may be one of the most honest men in America; he makes no attempt to hide the fact the he is a socialist and his goal to convert the United States into a socialist nation. The problem is folks like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who have the exact same goal in mind without one iota of the honesty.

The problem for the people in the United States is that Sanders, Obama, and Clinton are delusional or clueless enough to believe that socialism can work and is the answer to all of our problems. Thomas J. DiLorenzo, a professor of economics at Loyola University, Maryland is here to set them straight in with his new book, The Problem With Socialism. DiLorenzo points out, not only the time, after time, after time, the dismal failings of socialist states but details chapter and verse how and why socialism fails.

DiLorenzo points out the frightening statistics from polls like, the yougov.com poll that found that 43% of Americans between ages eighteen and twenty-nine, have a “favorable” opinion of socialism and a 2016 Pew Research poll that 69% of those polled under the age of thirty, expressed a “willingness to vote for a socialist Presidential candidate.” Those numbers should be chilling, especially for anyone who is even remotely familiar with the tyrannical socialist regimes of China, the Soviet Union and North Korea and the millions of dead they left behind.

What DiLorenzo really spells out is the drip by drip approach that Obama, Clinton, Sanders and their ilk have taken to slowly and steadily shift public opinion to being accepting of socialism. It is a classic example of the story of dropping a frog into a pot of boiling water; it is in the frogs natural instinct to jump out. If you take the same frog and place him in a pot of cool water and slowly turn up the heat, the frog will remain comfortable right up to the minute the water begins to boil; which will be much too late.

That is the stage that we find ourselves in and DiLorenzo gives us a clear and concise path to pull ourselves out of the boiling pot of socialism.

So how did we get here? The American people have been sold a bill of goods by Obama/Clinton; the bill that includes government control of health care, so-called “fairness” and “equality”, and of the imbalance of capitalism. They have used subtle tools to sell this tale; rich capitalists only succeed because you fail and because they didn’t build the roads and infrastructure to their factory, the government and the people did. And it goes on and on.

One of the multitude of problems with socialism is there is absolutely no motivation to work hard and become successful; the equality that Obama and Clinton hold dear is that we are all equally failures. Why work hard when the government Daddy will provide? The biggest problem with socialism and socialists as British prime minister Margaret Thatcher famously pointed out, “they always run out of other people’s money.” When government Daddy can no longer provide, you starve! There is no free health care, free college education, free food, etc, etc. Somebody has to foot the bill!

While DiLorenzo is a college professor, The Problem With Socialism, is not a stodgy, boring, text book; it is a concise, easy to understand tome, which is perfect for student who came out of the “free” public education system. I highly recommend that parents pick up copies to share with their millennial offspring along with a clear message of the pending disaster that is a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Clinton Conspiracy – TWA 800

TWA 800: The Crash, the Cover-Up, and the Conspiracy – Jack Cashill (Regnery Publishing)

It’s hard to believe that this week will mark the 20th anniversary of the downing of TWA Flight 800. I remember it vividly; returning home from some family event or other and flipping on the television to catch the news and being confronted by the images of burning wreckage of a passenger jet that had crashed into the Atlantic soon after takeoff. Dialing in CNN, (Fox News had launched just a few months prior and MSNBC was literally only 2 days into its 24 hours news schedule, so CNN was the go to choice for news) I was confronted with a pretty boy anchor absurdly asking a member of one of the search and rescue agencies on the scene if darkness was hindering the search and if in the morning, daylight would make things easier?!

From that point forward I was deeply intrigued by the story; the recovery of the shattered pieces of the plane, the nascent investigation and what quickly became clear to me, the larger forces that were at play when it came to getting at the truth of what happened to TWA 800. It didn’t take long for folks with either a level of curiosity or a level of expertise to start to raise questions about the direction of the investigation and the conclusion that fumes in a center fuel tank caused the plane to explode.

Among the list of folks that included James Sanders and Lt. Col. William Donaldson, Ret., was writer, researcher and later filmmaker Jack Cashill. I had the opportunity to interview Cashill a couple of times and he seemed to be coming at this from a similar perspective to mine; the way the government was handling this and telling the story, just did not add up.
Cashill is one of the most reasoned voices when it comes to spelling out what some have dubbed the conspiracy theory of TWA 800 and 20 years on he has collected thousands of documents, interviewed countless eye witnesses, and compiled a thorough timeline of the events following the crash in the form of his new book, TWA 800: The Crash, the Cover-Up, and the Conspiracy.

Cashill clearly details example, after example, after example, of how countless witnesses clearly spelled out what they saw that fateful night, only to be ignored, misrepresented, wrongfully discredited and in a number of cases outright lied about by the people who were tasked to investigate the event. Instead of allowing the folks with the expertise to handle the investigation, the Clinton administration, choose to turn the investigation over to the FBI and even more oddly the CIA. Cashill cites chapter and verse where the lack of knowledge of airline operations and technology resulted in facts being missed, questions being left unasked/answered, and the overall bungling of witness interviews.

He also dismantles the ridiculous animation the CIA tried to pawn off as to what “really happened” to TWA 800. Cashill ties together so much information that points to and raises questions about so many moving parts of this story that clearly point to a desperate Clinton White House flailing to cover up a terrorist attack or military exercise gone bad in an attempt to retain the Presidency.

Cashill writes in great detail about the parade of usual suspects that a part and parcel of so many Clinton scandals. He raises questions about fingerprints of folks like Clinton Lawyer Jamie Gorelick, who erected a so-called “Chinese Wall” between security agencies that would come back to bite us on the ass in the events leading up to 9-11. Cashill properly raise the question how Gorelick later ended up on the 9-11 Commission panel rather than being questioned by it and how with NO level of experience she was handed the plum job (pay off) by Clinton, of running Fannie Mae with a multi-million dollar salary.

Cashill also raises questions about Clinton National Security Advisor, Sandy Berger, who was intimately involved in the TWA 800 debacle and who later got in legal hot water for “accidently’ stuffing classified documents into his pants at the national archives, while prepping for the 9-11 Commission. Was he attempting to remove documents that referenced plots to use airplanes to commit terrorist attacks? We will never know, since Berger illegally destroyed classified materials.

While Cashill draws no conclusions in the course of TWA 800, he simply stings together mountains of evidence that paint a wildly different picture of what happened on July 17, 1996 than what the government would have you believe.

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Art of Empty

The Art of Tough –Fearlessly Facing Politics and Life – Barbara Boxer (Hachette Books)

California Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer serves up a memoir of her 40 years in government. It is a perfect slice of life from the women who delivered such memorable lines as:

“Those who survived the San Francisco earthquake said ‘thank God, I’m still alive.’ But, of course those who died, their lives will never be the same again.”

Then apparently missing the fact that she is a carbon life form…Boxer stated; “Carbon could cost us the planet…the least we could do is put a little charge on it so people move to clean energy.”

Boxer, a tireless partisan liberal doles out a heaping helping of self-aggrandizement in The Art of Tough –Fearlessly Facing Politics and Life. Boxer paints a portrait of someone who had a tough childhood and grew to be an advocate for the little guy…interesting for someone who finds herself among the richest half of the members of Congress.

For someone who will retire from Congress after 40 years, Boxer’s list of actual accomplishments reads like something typical of most long running democrats; she has managed to start committees and task forces to look at and talk about issues, but has really managed to actually do much to actually address the issues. Which at the end of the day is really what democrats are good at; talking about things but never really fixing anything.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Two Thirds Hollywood…One Third Conservative

There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative – Stacey Dash – (Regnery Publishing)

By Tweeting out her support for Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney during the 2012 election cycle Hollywood actress Stacey Dash quickly became the darling of conservative circles. Here was an actress, famous for her role in the movie Clueless and an otherwise spotty selection of roles on the big and small screen, at least as African American as the President, boldly proclaiming she was a conservative. Naturally there was the expected backlash from liberals and race pimps bad mouthing and name calling her because there natural assumption is if you are and actor and you’re black, then you are automatically a liberal, Democrat.

Dash delivers the detail not only of her public transformation, but also the story of her difficult childhood, her dabbling with drugs and alcohol, her physical and sexual abuse, and her serial marriages/relationships and the negative impact it all had on her life. In her new book, There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative Dash talks about how she chose to persevere and overcome her challenges rather than falling prey to the entitlement mentality.

Dash clearly touches on some classical conservative thoughts along the way and it’s clear that she sought out and self-educated throughout her transition process. While that transformation is clearly the cornerstone of her story, I found myself mired down by the habitual bad choices, relationships and vices that Dash made leading up to that transition. I kept plugging through the two thirds of the book that focus on the trials and tribulations, knowing that there would be a payoff in the end.

The one major takeaway from There Goes My Social Life is that Stacey Dash is truly fearless! She willingly goes toe to toe with liberals and more often than not reduces them to the sniveling, clueless piles of mush, who have no alternative but the resort to name calling and bashing. While many other seems to wither and falter under this kind of attack, Dash seems to take it all in and come out stronger.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Truth and Fossil Fuels Will Set You Free

Fueling Freedom: Exposing the Mad War on Energy – Stephen Moore and Kathleen Hartnett White (Regnery Publishing)

For me, it has truly become a tossup. I don’t know which steaming pile of Liberal crap drives me more-crazy; their ridiculous claims about guns and the Second Amendment or their claims and policies regarding the environment and global warming. It could be because Liberals are equally stupid and wrong, on both topics or the fact that they constantly try to pass off lies as the locked down truth.

Always a willing participant when it comes to debating these topics, I am always on the lookout for useful and concise tools to better arm myself for battle. One outstanding new tool for your crushing Liberals tool belt is Fueling Freedom: Exposing the Mad War on Energy, the new book from economist Stephen Moore and energy expert Kathleen Hartnett White. They write with clarity and a firm grip on the reality of the wrongheaded goals of Liberal and environmental wingnuts who are hell bent to destroy our way of life and dial us back to the Middle Ages.

Moore and White make the case that the unmatched growth and power that the United States enjoys was truly driven by fossil fuels. They chart the detailed evidence of how our rapid rise can be tied directly to the steady, reliable generation of power which is directly related to fossil fuels. While so-called renewable energy sounds wonderful, Moore and White lay waste to the green weasel’s high minded talk with the simple fact that wind, solar and bio fuels provide for a miniscule amount of our actual energy use. Combine that with the seemingly endless string of Obama green energy handouts that have failed to bump up that tiny output number.

As to diminishing supply of fossil fuels, the earliest reference to so-called “peak oil” that I can find dates back to 1909 when the folks at the Titusville (PA) Herald made the claim that we would hit the oil producing peak in 25 to 30 years. Moore and White paint a much brighter picture for our oil and gas future due to horizontal drilling technology and hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking. The writers provide insight into the volume of untapped energy that will last into the hundreds of years.

Moore and White also cite a new favorite line to drop on Liberals, which comes from Christopher Horner from the Competitive Enterprise Institute who is fond of saying “you can build windmills with steel, but you can’t build steel with windmills.” While it is a very simple statement on its face, it carries a profound impact and the weight of truth; if Obama, Gore and their friends get their way, how will we produce the goods and services and the freedom we all enjoy?

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Health Care Reform – David vs. Goliath

Restoring Quality Health Care – A Six-Point Plan for Comprehensive Reform at Lower Cost – Scott Atlas, M.D. (Hoover Institution Press)

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that when the Democrats in Congress passed the so-called Affordable Care Act (AKA - Obamacare) they sold the American people a bill of goods. The original bill topped out at over 2700 pages and since then the Obama administration has issued in excess of 20,000 pages of regulations to implement the clearly flawed plan.

Aside from all of the baloney about keeping your doctor and your plan and saving you money; the goal of some of those pages was an effort to improve the quality of the care delivered in the United States. While I won’t engage in an argument with idiots who think that Cuba’s health care delivery surpasses that available here in the States, as someone who’s day job is in health care, I will say that there is always room for improvement in the delivery of care. The problem is that the government and regulations are probably the worst possible vehicles for driving improvement.

In the time since Obamacare passed and was signed into law, there has been an ever shifting sands of rules and regulations that health care providers have been forced to address; each coming with a higher and higher price tag. Much of it boils down to additional reporting and paperwork and the manpower needed to handle it all. One unfortunate side effect is that health care providers have tried to maintain cost and larded this mountain of additional work on existing staff, which drags down their ability to actually provide care.
As if to illustrate my point about the government being the worst vehicle to drive up quality, Scott Atlas, M.D., a Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and a member of Hoover Institution’s Working Group on Health Care Policy, has served up the new book, Restoring Quality Health Care – A Six-Point Plan for Comprehensive Reform at Lower Cost. Minus the end notes and index, Dr. Atlas managed to offer up a concise and comprehensive plan in an easily read 99 pages.

Many of Dr. Atlas’s suggested reforms involve the streamlining of processes; process improvement is one of the cornerstones and goals of any strong health care provider, so it would make sense that a physician would bring this approach to the table. Process improvement…not a government bureaucrat’s long suit.

Dr. Atlas also suggests injecting market based reforms into the health care process, including the expansion of and incentivizing of Health Saving Accounts (HSA) for all Americans. Atlas even goes so far to suggest that HSAs be issued at birth like Social Security numbers. By beginning the process early, incentivizing people to contribute to the accounts through tax breaks, making the HSA portable, and allowing these account to pass to family members without taxation upon a patient’s passing, a deeper level of understanding and control over health care spending would become ingrained in a society. This is a clear market force that would drive up quality.

Dr. Atlas also explodes the myth of Medicare excellence. He describes Medicare as being “a disjointed and antiquated system designed for decades long passed.” Again he offers a common sense reform for streamlining the bulky, bloated and confusing systems of Parts A, B, and D which only serve to increase administrative costs and baffle the seniors the plan was designed to aide. As Atlas points out in the book, the cherry on top of this mess is the plan fact that the Medicare system is in dire financial straits.

While the government tried to “fix” health care with a lumbering, bloated, Goliath of a plan, Atlas choose to go the route of David and offer up a quick, nimble plan to reform and improve the quality of health care we all receive.