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Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Unique Perspective…A Wakeup Call

The Fight: A Secret Service Agent’s Inside Account of Security Failings and the Political Machine – Dan Bongino – St. Martin’s Press

Almost certain to tie a sizable knot in the panties of liberals everywhere for not only the directness of his approach, but also for his insider’s, unique perspective; The Fight: A Secret Service Agent’s Inside Account of Security Failings and the Political Machine, by former Secret Service, Presidential protective detail agent, NYPD police officer and political candidate, Dan Bongino pulls no punches when delivering his assessment of the country’s current state.

Not your typical bomb throwing pundit, Bongino comes at things from a been there, done that reality of a guy who has been on the front lines of the War on Terror (NYPD), the internal workings of government (Secret Service) and politics (twice a political candidate.) Bongino offers up not only his wholly unvarnished take on the utter failings of the current resident of the White House, but also the sorry state of his own political party, the Republicans.

Bongino stuck to his guns, refusing to sellout to the Republican establishment as he fought not only to overcome incumbent candidates in runs for the Senate and the House of Representatives. The comparisons he draws between the don’t rock the boat bureaucracy of government and the strikingly similar world of politics should be chilling to any voter who still thinks the Constitution stands for something.

Liberal panty-boys and blind to reality supporters of Hillary Clinton will vainly try to pawn this off as the work of a bitter clinger, conservative, Neanderthal, but the reality is, Bongino has delivered a clarion call to all Americans who are concerned not only about the current state of the country but for the future that seems set on a vicious downhill slide. Truly a wakeup call for the masses.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hints, Lies and Allegations

Unlikeable – The Problem With Hillary – Edward Klein (Regnery Publishing)

Bestselling investigative journalist Edward Klein has pulled together another collection of stories about Hillary and Bill Clinton, Unlikeable – The Problem With Hillary, that while focused on Mrs. Clinton, really raise the same question about this interchangeable duo. That question is best summed up in a quote from NBC News correspondent Leslie McFadden’s interview with Bill Clinton where he insisted, “All I’m saying is the idea that there’s one set of rules for us and another set for everybody else is true”

While even Klein contends that Bill was off his game and mis-spoke, I contend that he actually spoke the truth and I have to ask why that is? Klein while offering up numerous examples of hints at what goes on behind the scenes with the Clinton’s; the outright lies the Clinton’s continue to get a pass on and the clear allegations at wrong doings by the Clinton’s that need to be investigated and would preclude practically anybody else from public life if not take away their freedom; as it stands today Hillary Clinton is the frontrunner for the Democrat nomination for the Presidency of the United States.

I’m not sure even someone as deft as Klein at tracking down answers can explain why the American people continue to give the Clinton’s a free pass. Klein details that while Hillary continues to campaign as a women of the people, fighting for the little guy, she and her family live the exact opposite. The Clinton’s are a shining example of the so-called 1%, with all the mansions, penthouses, private jets and cash that goes along with it. Accept, as Klein spells out, the questionable way they got to that lofty status.

While Klein certainly serves the information up in easily digestible chunks, that even a liberal should be able to understand, Unlikeable is really just a digest of what of what so many other books, including many of his own, has already served up. Here’s hoping that Klein’s contention of deep hated for the Clinton’s by the current resident of the White House leads to an indictment or ten for the Clinton’s.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Clueless Liberals Weigh In On Guns Control

Even before we knew the identity of the loser who shot up Umpqua Community College in Oregon, learned the identity of his victims, or the type of weapon he utilize to perpetrate his crime we had a volley of cluelessness hurled by President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, candidate Hilary Clinton and a raft of drooling morons in the liberal media.

The talking points are familiar enough; the National Rifle Association has blood on its hands, we need “common sense” gun control laws, the second amendment had nothing to do with individual freedoms it was about militias, blah blah blah, yackity yackity.

Never one to let a good crisis go to waste, Obama practically sprinted to the microphone to once again politicize a mass shooting and proclaim the need for “common sense” gun legislation that would close the so called “gun show loophole”, with universal background checks and a band on so-called ‘assault weapons.” And this is where the rush to the camera tripped up the President; Oregon had already passed legislation to require background checks on all gun purchases, so it did not and would not have prevented the shooting at UCC.

Then the liberal pinwheels in the media started weighing in and pontificating about the need for more gun control. Amanda Marcotte, who regularly weigh in with the liberal take on things for Rolling Stone Magazine quickly served up 4Pro-Gun Arguments We’re Tired of Hearing. While all four are about what you’d expect from an uninformed moron, my favorite is number two which reads- “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” in which she laughingly goes on to proclaim “No mass shootings in the past 30 years have been stopped by an armed civilian.” Which is laughable on its face; first she mixes her metaphors, I would argue that the UCC shooter was “stopped by a good guy with a gun.” In fact two of them! Armed officers put this loser down and prevented greater loss of life.

As to the armed civilian part of her stupidity, it’s pretty clear that in many cases, disaffected losers who are hell bent on trying to inflict mass damage have been stopped in their tracks by armed civilians before they can escalate to multiple killings. Perhaps that might take a bit more brain capability than Ms. Marcotte can muster.

The better argument would be to look at these mass killings as a whole. It seems more often than not that these killings take place in locations like UCC that freely post what amounts to an equivalent of a sign reading
Whack Jobs Welcome” when they choose to post “Gun Free Zone” signs; which is notable in the case of Oregon which is a state that allows for concealed carry. Imagine how different the outcome might have been.

Think about what prevents bad guys from busting in your front door and taking your stuff…the greatest weapon is doubt; not knowing exactly what might await them on the other side of the door. Ask folks like Ms. Marcotte to post a sign outside their homes that simple states “No guns on premise” and I bet you will get a whole different opinion on these gun free zone.

Common Sense Gun Control   

I love when politicians and the media start thumping their collective chests and proclaim the need for “common sense gun control”. What exactly is that? Please name the law that we can pass that would have prevented this loser from perpetrating this tragic loss of life? (Insert cricket sounds here.) Still Waiting…okay, let me help you out; the answer is that with over 20,000 state and federal guns laws on the books we have not prevented these mass killings so what would make you think that we could possibly concoct a law to prevent this kind of thing from happening again?

The National Review’s Charles Cook raise this very point when he twisted the entire Morning Joe panel on MSNBC in knots by asking that same question. Check out the video-


You got to wonder why is that Obama and his liberal pals in the media are SO outraged about the UCC shooting that left 9 victims dead and yet they haven’t really said a thing about the 15 murders over just last weekend in the President’s adopted home town of Chicago and the record 60! In the month of September. Could it have something to do with the fact that while Chicago and the state of Illinois have some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, those laws have done NOTHING to prevent a staggering amount of gun crime?!

Simply put, so even politicians and the liberal media can understand, gun laws will not stop a determined killer from perpetrating his crime. Bad people don’t get background checks and gun law only impact good people. The only thing that will put a dent in these kinds of crimes is to stop talking about the losers who perpetrate them; one look at the social media profiles of these assholes and you will more often than not see mentions of the losers who proceeded them down this path of destruction. We have to stand up and say you were a loser before this and you’ll go to your grave a loser and not achieve the fame you seek. This will go a long way to eliminating the copycat mentality.

The second step would be to take down these ridiculous “gun free zone” signs! Put that level of doubt back into the minds of these losers and raise the specter of a potential armed response. Let’s talk publicly and loudly about training people to respond in the event of someone trying to start a mass casualty event. Talk about a message that will have a REAL impact.

Friday, July 17, 2015


End of Discussion - How the Left's Outrage Industry Shuts Down Debate, Manipulates Voters, and Makes America Less Free (and Fun) - Mary Katharine Ham and Guy Benson (Crown Books)

As a recovering radio talk show host, I have opinions…lots of them. But I don’t have an opinion on absolutely everything and I don’t feel the unquenchable need to express my opinion on everything, meaning you aren’t likely to find me chitter-ing away on social media. My thoughts generally take more than 140 characters and my tolerance for dealing with nitwits, who would rather attack me personally than engage in a spirited debate of ideas, has me more often than not refusing to as Glenn Beck puts it, “argue with idiots.”

After reading Fox News contributor Mary Katherine Ham and Town Hall.com editor Guy Benson’s new book, End of Discussion - How the Left's Outrage Industry Shuts Down Debate, Manipulates Voters, and Makes America Less Free (and Fun) I may be reconsidering and getting ready to armor up and dive back into the fray. It is that sitting on the sidelines that allows those in the perpetually aggrieved class to win without a fight.

Ham and Benson point out just how organized and professional these attack dogs have become. Along the way they have created an attack playbook chalk full of labels and before non-existent “phobias” that they readily slap on those who might have the temerity to disagree or voice a different opinion. Think marriage is between a man and a women then you must be a homophobe…right?

Ham and Benson have the nerve to point out example after example of how, more often than not, the left don’t just disagree differing points of view, they try tooth and nail to stamp out those who disagree and deprive them of their livelihood. With regularity they also point out the hypocrisy of the left when it comes to so many things. The relatively moderate Koch Brothers are evil billionaires hell bet to fund conservatives, but billionaire Tom Steyer spend wads of cash is okay, because he believes what they do when it comes to global warming.

Congressman and former Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan talks about changing the mindset and inspiring men in the inner city through mentoring and he’s labeled a racist using “dog-whistle” politics. Michelle Obama talks about changing the attitudes of “young men sitting on the couch playing video games and dreaming of being ballers and rappers,” and she’s clearly and inspiration to the African America community. Pardon me but…what a crock.

So, yes it is time for this conservative to armor up and get back into the game and engage in a battle of wits with the unarmed! Keep your labels my Liberal friends, you can have your own opinion, but you can have your own facts.  

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Self-Inflicted Death of Liberalism

The Silencing – How The Left is Killing Free Speech – Kirsten Powers (Regnery)

It used to be that liberals were open to new ideas and would engage in rigorous debate to support their point of view. Not so much anymore. Kirsten Powers, a self described liberal who lays claim to being raised in a liberal household full of that rigorous debate, is columnist for USA Today and The Daily Beast as well as a Fox News contributor, who in her new book makes a solid case that it is the left who are on a mission to kill free speech.

In The Silencing – How The Left is Killing Free Speech, Powers sets the nail in the heart of what she renames the illiberal left and proceeds to drive it home again and again; making her case almost to the point of redundancy. The reaction that she has received from her fellow liberals reiterates her points; rather than trying to engage Powers in a debate the left resorts to name calling.

While the left loves to wrap themselves in the banner of being the smartest people in the room, clearly smarter than the backwards, science hating conservatives; Powers clearly outlines that the left has become as she puts it, “isolated from the marketplace of ideas.” Rather than trying to engage those with differing points of view, the left has been reduced to tactics that involve an almost non-stop creation of “phobias” which created the illusion that those who disagree with the liberal viewpoint are somehow mentally challenged. Thus we get things like homophobe or Islamophobe; which really are nothing but name calling and intimidation.

Rather than challenging conservatives, the left resorts to trying to remove those who dissent from the playing field. How many times have you heard the left call for the firing or removal of those they disagree with? Powers cites nearly countless examples. The problem for the left is this has amounted to a weakening of their ability to make their case and as a result their point of view is dying a slow, painful death of a thousand self-inflicted wounds.

I have engaged numerous, supposedly highly educated college professors, and been able to swat aside their arguments like child’s play; only to be attacked and called names for pointing out their flawed thinking. Because I have a different perspective on things does not make me a denier, a phobic, or a fill in the blank - ____ist of some variety and it’s not my goal to have you removed from the debate, but to make the case why my viewpoint is the correct one; something Powers clearly makes the case that liberals are no longer interested in.  

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Criminal Minds – Clinton Cash

Clinton Cash – The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich – Peter Schweizer (Harper)

The Watergate conspiracy and investigation spawned many things; it brought into vogue so-called investigative journalism and added the famous catch phrase “follow the money” to the lexicon. There is a striking coincidence that Hillary Clinton came of age in Washington during the Watergate era as a member of the House Judiciary Committee staff charged with investigating that scandal. She was later removed from the investigation because she “… engaged in a variety of self-serving unethical practices in violation of House rules.”

Bestselling author Peter Schweizer has served up Clinton Cash – The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, in which he details what I can only describe as a series of complex and multi-layered enterprises; that are chock full of cut outs and bag men who seemingly shield the Clinton’s from leaving direct fingerprints. At times this thing reads like a criminal indictment, building a dense series of circumstantial evidence that point directly at the Clinton’s involvement in a lucrative criminal conspiracy.

Bill and Hillary come off like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde without the Tommy guns and certainly without the Mont Blanc pens of white collar criminals, because nothing is ever written down on paper and as far as electronic communications, we know who owns the server. The problem may be that to “follow the money” through the intricate webs of Friends of Bill and Hill, scumbag business types, tin pot dictators and other lowlifes that the Clintons have chosen to do business with, may be just a little too complex for the average, low information, Clinton/Obama voter.

The astounding thing is it is those same people who get jacked up about the Koch brothers, two successful, U.S. citizens who make above board (legal), public donations to support candidates and causes they believe in. Yet they will go out of their way to say there is nothing fishy about the Clintons getting paid massive amounts for speeches or the Clinton Foundation accepting donations from foreign dictators and tyrants, many of whom stand accused of heinous crimes and human rights violations. Laughably those donations often offer these dirt bags a form of International cleansing or legitimacy due to their association with the Clintons.

Schweizer and his team of investigators offer up a densely notated collection of information that ties the Clintons and their associates to what I can only describe as shady dealings. It gives new meaning to Bill Clinton’s recent protestations to NBC News that “I have to pay our bills” when you see the number of sycophants, hangers on, defenders and contributors that have reaped a windfall from their association with the Clintons.

It may be hard to believe after wading through uranium deals, donations from dictators and so many other scummy shenanigans that perhaps the most damning chapter of the book is the one that details the billions of dollars, many of them U.S. taxpayer dollars, of Haitian earthquake relief funds that were in the direct control of Bill and Hillary. While they detailed many grandiose plans to not only rebuild, but also to modernize and bring Haiti into at least the 20th century with new infrastructure and industrial facilities, what we bought with our billions didn’t even come close.

Massive and possibly criminal cost over-runs, shortfalls on promised basics like housing and projects were piles of money were allocated and spent and yet there was nothing delivered abound. Along the way, plenty of Clinton contributors and friends, many often NOT remotely qualified to deliver on the contracts they were rewarded, became staggeringly enriched. Again, follow the money. Five years after the earthquake that devastated the third world nation, much of Haiti remains in a state of disrepair and tens of thousands still live on the street. Why there has not been an audit or accounting of how the taxpayer’s money was spent is a mystery accept to those who understand how the Obama/Democrat, Justice Department operates.

Has Schweizer uncovered that one smoking gun piece that nails the Clintons? No, but he and his team have built a solid case for a much closer, much more detailed examination of the potential corruption of not only U.S. policy, but of the finances and operations of the Clinton Foundation and their associates. Will that happen? Based on the history of the Clintons, I wouldn’t hold my breath.   


Thursday, April 16, 2015

$50 Million Per Patient: The High Cost of Healthcare

The New York Times, hardly a bastion of conservative thought, recently published a piece about the virtually empty U.S. built Ebola clinics in the African nation of Liberia. All part of Community Organizer in Chief Barack Obama’s day late response to the Ebola outbreak in the West African country.

Obama you may recall plodded along while, delaying the U.S. response to the epidemic that saw Liberia hit with 9,862 cases of Ebola which left a devastating 4408 dead. The Times reported that Worldwide there were 25,500 cases and 10,500 dead; so clearly Liberia was at the epicenter of the death toll, accounting for nearly half of the dead.

So Obama’s response was to hire a political hack, Democrat strategist, Ron Klain to be the Ebola Czar who departed just a short time into his projected tenure. Next the Community Organizer decided he would send nearly 3000 members of the military to help set up 11 Ebola Treatment Units (ETU). The United States outlay for this adventure was $1.4 billion.

So…how many patients did this project treat? How Many lives did it save? The grand total is 28. No that’s not a typo…28! Do the math; that works out to be $50 million per patient. These people spend so much time worry about the optics/politics of things that they delayed the response until after the epidemic had peaked.

This should be yet another glaring example of how wrong all those folks who believe that the government has all the answers or solutions to problems. The local, more nimble and largely privately funded response proved to be not only more effective, but also less expensive. Imagine these are the clowns who voted to take over a huge segment of our economy and put themselves in charge of our healthcare.

Government is a large, lumbering, slow moving mess that is not equipped to deal with anything in a timely or effective manner. Private enterprise is a clear cut more effective and cost effective manner for addressing major problems.