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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Specter Banner B S

While checking my e-mail the other night I noticed this banner ad pop up. By now you may have seen the television ad for Senator Arlen Specter's ever-tightening primary race with Democrat challenger, Congressman Joe Sestak, where President Obama touts the flip-flopper's vote for the economic Recovery Act.

There's no denying Specter cast a deciding vote, but the claim that his vote created "thousands" of jobs in Erie, I find more than a little hard to believe! I'd be curious to have the Specter camp detail exactly where those "thousands" of job are.

Clicking through the banner ad led to the turncoat Senator's campaign Website, where they detail the multitude of taxpayer dollars and pork that Specter "brought to the Erie community" but I've got to tell you, I can't see the numbers translating to "thousands" of jobs being created here.

One of the bullet points details: "Senator Specter's key vote for the Economic Recovery Act pumped hundreds of millions into the region so teachers could stay in their classrooms - and paid for police and fire fighters to stay on the job and continue to protect our families." Huh?! Did I miss something? Can't seem to remember any reports of big bucks going to school districts or municipalities to keep these folks on the job.

Even if that is the case, which I doubt, how does that equate to creating "thousands" of new jobs? The reality is this is out and out BULLSH*T on the part of Senator Specter and his campaign! Where is the lazy media? Why is this allowed to pass with no one raising a question and demanding an answer?

***UPDATE- The same banner ad is also running on the Erie Times News, Goerie.com Website, so clearly the "reporters" at the Times News should be aware of the Specter claim.

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