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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Election Day - Na Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Arlen Goodbye!

It is primary election day 2010. Sorry I missed all of the usual stellar political insights about the polling station baked goods selection and guesstimates of turnout based on “what number voter were you” questions.

I literally can’t remember an election day where I was uncertain about who I was voting for just hours before I head to the polls. I’ve always been a pragmatic voter. I know that I will never find the perfect candidate, one who agrees with my stance on every issue, as the communications skills and the finances to win, in November.

In the Third district congressional race the Republican nomination for me boils down to a couple of businessmen Mike Kelly and Paul Huber, and factory worker/Tea Party kind of guy Ed Franz. Based on the number of yard signs, Dr. Martha Moore should be the hands down winner, but as we all know signs don’t vote and if you look closely, while there are a lot of her signs out there, most are on vacant land or street corners, not in supporters front yards.

All of the candidates are playing the bloated government and job creation cards. That will play just fine in the primary voters, but the November, general election will be a real battle. Democrat Representative Kathy Dahlkemper has proven to be a reliable rubber stamp for Obama/Pelosi, look no further than her idiotic justification for voting for Obama-Care based on a meaningless Executive Order banning public funding for abortions. They won’t let that vote go away easily, so look for lots of national money to be thrown at this race.

No Republican has run what I would call a strong campaign, so I’m left undecided at this point.

The one bright spot that may come out of today’s vote is the long overdue, final, demise turncoat Senator Arlen Specter. Specter is EVERYTHING that is bad about politics! He has made a long career based upon “getting the job done in DC” meaning he is a master manipulator at bringing home taxpayer dollars to Pennsylvania. Some may think that is the right thing to do, but if you look at the way this guy has larded pork onto Senate appropriations bills, more often than not the bill had nothing whatsoever to do with Specter’s piggy package.

Challenger, Congressman Joe Sestak has run a pitiful campaign, but scored late with TV spot that points out Specter’s desire to save one job and one job only, his own! The latest Real Clear Politics aggregate poll has Sestak up by 3.2%. If Sestak wins it sets up an interesting fall race with Pat Toomey, the likely Republican challenger, who just missed taking out Specter in the last Republican primary 6 years ago.

While the Obama team has supported the newly minted Democrat, Specter, it will make for high entertainment to see them roll that support to Sestak in the general election and to see if Sestak has the testicular fortitude to be his own man, despite the attempted buy off job offer from team Obama to drop out of the race. I think it highly unlikely that Sestak will turn his back on Obama, no matter how unpopular the President is come November, it’s just not in the Democrat make up, where party is the only thing. Toomey and his team are sharp enough to beat Sestak senseless with his own flip flop.

I used to encourage people to get out and vote, but I’ve seen too many examples of stupid votes, like the one that set Dahlkemper to Congress, to run the risk of enough people going to the polls to keep a clown like Arlen Specter around and give the clueless Philly voters a chance to save him again.

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