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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Laughing At the "Experts"

I can’t help but laugh at the so-called “expert” analysis of defeat of Senator Arlen Specter in Tuesday’s Democrat primary. Erie Times News reporter John Guerriero’s piece recounting the Franklin and Marshall College pollster G. Terry Madonna’s month old column headlined, “Admiral Hits An Iceberg” referencing Congressman Joe Sestak, who defeated Specter, and his prior career as a two-star admiral.

Why anybody still believes Gee, “I Never Get anything Right” Terry Madonna is beyond me! This guy hasn’t called a race correctly in years! But, he’s not alone when it comes to getting it wrong on the Specter loss. Most of the gurus think that Sestak did a great job of drawing a connection to former President George W. Bush, and that was what un-did the senior senator’s re-election bid.

The fact of the matter is that Specter’s defeat had nothing to do with Bush and everything to do with his support for the failed policies of the Obama administration and the seemingly endless self-interest of the Senator!

It was Specter’s own words, where he uttered the line, “changing parties will allow me to be re-elected” sounding more than a tad like WC Field, that was his un-doing. Those words proved that the Senator’s best interests were his own and not the voters here in Pennsylvania.

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