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Monday, March 11, 2013

Michael Savage – A Time For War (St. Martins Press)

If you like your thrillers with a dose of conservative doctrine served between the lines straight up, no chaser, then the latest from controversial radio host Michael Savage, A Time For War could be just the ticket.

While Savage’s hero, straight talking, truth seeking, hard edge reporter Jack Hatfield is back for another go ’round with the bad guys. While Hatfield tangled with stereotypical, Middle Eastern terror types in Abuse of Power, this time around Savage raises the stakes in the tilt between the United States and China, in the process breaking new ground.

Savage does a wonderful job of balancing and weaving the political debate into the storyline; walking up to, but never crossing over the line that separates a political screed from a political based thriller. The thriller fan in this conservative loved every minute of it!

Savage has made a career out ruffling the feathers of liberals and I have no doubt that while the mainstream media love to tout stories of the growth of the Chinese marketplace and the alleged cultural shift, A Time For War with it’s story of Chinese underhandedness will push some libs over the edge.

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