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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baltimore Mayoral Candidate Proposes Increase in Crime

It’s is an age old political practice for candidates for office to talk about their plan to deal with violent crime, but a Baltimore, Democrat, Mayoral candidate has a visionary plan that amounts to proposing an increase in crime!

Otis Rolley has rolled out The Rolley Plan to Make Every Neighborhood in Baltimore Safer, an eight page manifesto that includes the cornerstone plan “to impose a $1 per bullet tax (or about $50 per pack).” The genius of Mr. Rolley’s plan reasons that the tax “will increase substantially the financial cost of committing a crime and, unlike guns, bullets cannot be shared after their initial use.” Pretty tough to argue the reuse point…even with Rolley’s habit of referring to himself in the third person throughout the document!

Like most mind-numbed gun control types, Mr. Rolley deludes himself into thinking that average dirt bag criminals all head down to their local gun shop or sporting goods store and fill out all of the government forms and get the necessary clearances and permits to purchase a gun and therefore would head to said weapons purveyor to dutifully pay the buck a bullet tax before committing a crime spree. Since the pack of bullets now features an excessive government tax, the crime problem is solved! Much like the delusional democrats who think you can tax your way to prosperity, this nitwit thinks you can tax your way to safety!

In reality, what this moronic plan will do is make it more expensive for actual law abiding, gun owners to purchase ammunition that they can use to defend themselves from scumbags who want to do them harm! The result will be an increase in violent crime, because the criminals, who more often than not steal their guns and ammunition, will realize that it’s less likely that the potential victim will be less likely to be able to defend themselves!

The problem with Liberal thinking often ends up being the unintended consequences of the actions they take. Eco-geniuses had us ban DDT use in 1972 to allegedly protect endangered species; and the unintended consquences include by some estimates tens of thousands of deaths do to malaria.

Hopefully Mr. Rolley’s political career will amount to a failed run for Mayor, so we don’t have to start a countdown on the unintended deaths caused by his ridiculous plan.

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Anonymous said...

Having lived several years in the liberal utopia of Baltimore, I had a front row seat to the liberal insanity. If it weren't for the minions of the poor dark pigmented victim class welfare rats who inhabit the stinking city and dutifully elect the liberal political class, Baltimore would resemble Detroit. I venture to guess that 75 to 85% of all inhabitants of Baltimore are government union employees or life's losers.